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Transgender Pride Flag

Transgender Pride Flag

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Since its debut twenty or so years ago, the Transgender Pride flag has grown to become a symbol of the transgender community. Fly this flag proud and high!

Did you know:

  • The flag was created by Monica Helms, an American trans navy veteran.
  • Helms has purposefully designed the flag, so that no matter how you hold it, it will always look the same. Helms has stated that this symbolises the trans community trying to find correctness in their own lives.

The colours represent...

  • Light blue is the traditional colour for boys
  • Light pink is the traditional colour for girls
  • White represents those who are intersex, transitioning, or see themselves as having a neutral or undefined gender

Flag Spec:

  • Flag size: 1500 x 900mm
  • Finished with D-rings (Other finishings available on request)
  • Printed single sided with mirror image show through to the reverse on 115 gsm 100% polyester

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