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Intersex Pride Flag

Intersex Pride Flag

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Fly the Intersex Pride flag proud and high!

Did you know:

  • This flag went through a variety of iterations before the current flag emerged; previous versions featured a rainbow, while others used colours such as blue and pink.
  • In 2013, Morgan Carpenter created the flag with yellow and purple colours, moving away from the rainbow symbolism. Those specific colours were selected because neither are associated with the social constructs of the gender binary.

The colours represent...

  • Purple and yellow are used as they're seen as a gender neutral colours
  • The circle represents wholeness, completeness and the intersex people’s potentiality

Flag Spec:

  • Flag size: 1500 x 900mm
  • Finished with D-rings (Other finishings available on request)
  • Printed single sided with mirror image show through to the reverse on 115 gsm 100% polyester

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