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Sunset Lesbian (WLW) Pride Flag

Sunset Lesbian (WLW) Pride Flag

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Featuring seven different shades of pink, orange, white and red, this sunset flag is the one most commonly used to represent the lesbian community.

Did you know:

  • Other variations of the lesbian flag include flags specifically for butch lesbians and labrys lesbians, who did not feel completely represented by the feminine colours used in this flag.
  • There is also a five stripe variation of this flag.
  • The word “lesbian” quite literally means resident of the island Lesbos; the word became synonymous with women who like women in reference to the island’s most famous resident, Sappho, who was a female poet know for writing love poems to other women around 600 BCE.

The colours represent...

  • Darkest orange symbolises gender non-conformity
  • Middle orange represents independence
  • Lightest orange stands for community
  • White portrays unique relationships to womanhood
  • Lightest pink: shows serenity and peace
  • Middle pink represents love and sex
  • Darkest pink symbolises femininity

Flag Spec:

  • Flag size: 1500 x 900mm
  • Finished with D-rings (Other finishings available on request)
  • Printed single sided with mirror image show through to the reverse on 115 gsm 100% polyester

See also our labrys lesbian, butch lesbian and gay male Pride flags.   

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