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Polysexual Pride Bunting

Polysexual Pride Bunting

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Brighten up your space or business with our Polysexual bunting, perfect for any events, celebrations and displays. We've got options that cover all your pride needs.

Did you know:

  • The word "polysexual" comes from the Greek prefix "polus", meaning "many".
  • This flag borrows colours and the design of the bisexual and pansexual flags, since they’re all in under the multisexual umbrella.

The colours represent...

  • Pink represents the attraction to people identifying as female
  • Green symbolises the attraction to people who identify outside the traditional male or female binary
  • Blue represents the attraction to people identifying as male

Product info:

  • 10m bunting is made up of 30 Polysexual Pride flags
  • Flags pennant size: 138mm x 205mm

See also our pansexualomnisexual and bisexual Pride bunting.

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