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Demiromantic Pride Flag

Demiromantic Pride Flag

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Fly the Demiromantic Pride flag proud and high!

Did you know:

  • Those within the demiromantic community speculate this flag takes elements from the aromantic flag and Asexual Visibility and Education Network logo; the original creator isn't known.

The colours represent...

  • Black represents the sexuality spectrum
  • Grey stands for grey-aromanticism and demiromanticism
  • White symbolises platonic and aesthetic attraction, as well as queer/quasi-platonic relationships
  • Green represents the aromantic spectrum

Flag Spec:

  • Flag size: 1500 x 900mm
  • Finished with D-rings (Other finishings available on request)
  • Printed single sided with mirror image show through to the reverse on 115 gsm 100% polyester
  • Made in the UK

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