The Complete Guide to 2022 Pride Events in the Midlands

Welcome to our complete guide to Pride events taking place in the Midlands in 2022. We'll update this guide as and when more events get announced, so you can keep coming back to this handy guide to make sure you don't miss out on the celebrations this year!

Rainbow flag across the road of a city centre street in Nottingham

Before we get into it, it's important to highlight the need for Pride events, even in this day and age. Pride events allow the LGBTQ+ community to come together in a space where they can be their truest, authentic selves, as well as being an important time to celebrate how far LGBT rights have come. However, it’s also an important time acknowledge there’s still work to be done and reflect on that – it’s a big reason why Pride is celebrated annually. 

Data published by the International Gay and Lesbian Association shows there are many countries that still continue to criminalise and oppress LGBT individuals; this includes 49 countries that punish homosexual acts with imprisonment and 11 countries that use the death penalty against LGBT people.

We've seen major shifts in legal and social reform in the United Kingdom, from decriminalization of homosexuality in the late 1960s to almost complete legal equality; including civil partnerships, equal marriage, anti-discrimination, and equality legislation and protections, but it's important to note that there is still a lot of work to be done in terms of social change.

  • Stonewall estimates over 80% of hate crimes and hate incidents against LGBT people go unreported.
  • Many same-sex partners are afraid to show affection, to even hold each other’s hands in public, fearing a backlash.
  • LGBT youth are four times more likely to attempt suicide than their heterosexual peers.
  • LGBT students are three times as likely as non-LGBT students to say that they do not feel safe at school.
  • The LGBT community is a world of people who are often rejected and attacked for being who they are, expressing themselves in ways that feel right, and loving who they love.

Pride events are about visibility and creating a sense of belonging and safety for the members of the community who may not have it and are sadly a part of the above facts and figures. Pride is also a place where heterosexual people and allies can stand in support with the LGBTQ+ community – whether those be friends, family and loved ones of individuals of the community. This is why it’s so important to attend Prides and show your support.  

What Pride Events are taking place in the Midlands in 2022?

People attending the Leicester Pride Parade in 2019

June 2022:

Oakham Pride

When: 25th June

Where: Oakham Castle

Oakham Pride is the first Pride event taking place in Oakham, arranged by LGBT Oakham and Rutland, a social group made for bringing the LGBTQ+ members of Oakham and Rutland together. The event is free, aiming to make history in the small town of Oakham with a Pride event that encourages expression of self and spreads a new wave of love and acceptance throughout the county of Rutland and beyond.

We’ve been working closely with the event’s Director, Abii Lavery, by donating customised Pride bunting and flags – look out for those around the Castle on the day!

Find out more about Oakham Pride 2022 at:


July 2022:

Chesterfield Pride

When: 24th July  

Where: Stand Road Park

Priding itself as a community event that is open to everyone, this year the Main Stage at Chesterfield Pride will see the festival’s biggest line up yet including headliner Nadine Coyle from Girls Aloud, Denise Pearson from Five Star, S Club 7’s Jo O’Meara, Nathan Moore, Kelly Llorenna and Dene Michael of Black Lace. With standard tickets at just £5, this is an event sure not to be missed!

More info on Chesterfield Pride 2022 can be found here:


August 2022:

Walsall Pride

When: 27th August 

Where: Gallery Square

Walsall Pride aims to celebrate the diverse LGBTQ+ community in and around Walsall, with hopes to dispel myths, break down barriers, address homophobia and achieve community cohesion. This free event is planned for the August Bank Holiday this year, with details to be announced still. This year’s event will also be an opportunity to celebrate Walsall Pride’s delayed 10th year anniversary after a cancellation last year.

Keep your eye out for announcements relating to Walsall Pride 2022 here:

People attending Birmingham Pride in 2021

September 2022:

Leicester Pride

When: 3rd September

When: Victoria Park

A free event that is attended by more 10,000 annually, Leicester Pride celebrates equality and diversity within Leicester’s community. The event starts with a spectacular parade through the city which culminates at a popular event on Victoria Park that includes live music, market stalls, funfair rides and health and wellbeing information.

Find out more about Leicester Pride 2022 at:


Derby Pride:

When: 10th September

Where: Markeaton Park 

Planned to be a bigger and better than ever, Derby Pride 2022 is going to be a day to remember, with a new location of Markeaton Park for this year. 

More info on Derby Pride 2022 can be found here:


Birmingham Pride

When: 24th - 25th September 

Where: Gay Village 

Birmingham Pride is the UK's largest two-day Pride festival, held annually in the Gay Village. With this year’s headliners including Becky Hill and Steps, this is an event not to be missed.

Buy tickets and find out more about Birmingham Pride 2022 at:


Before you leave...

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